So much to learn

Come on, be honest. Did anyone know really know what an auxiliary verb was prior to reading the Chicago Manual of Style? If I can be so forthcoming, then I would have to admit that the only other time I heard the phrase, “Oxford comma,” was in the Vampire Weekend song.

PTC624 has opened a door to a world I feel like I should have already explored.I can even swear that this world – the World of Words – sounds like a text book that I covered with a brown paper bag in grade school. Capture

Fortunately, I have a great role models and resources.

2013-02-27 09.29.05Resources. I’ve never been so engaged with textbooks as I have been lately. As well, it has been quite some time since I worked on homework or any assignment without a computer in front of me. So much to learn, and I don’t even think I did the assignment correctly.

Role models. The recorded lectures are more interesting than anything I could watch on TV (maybe, except for the Walking Dead, or Dexter, or … okay but those shows have excellent writing and there is a direct relationship to great editing). Even more important are my peers, who write so well and polish their work better than the best shoeshiners.

More than a month after starting this course, I have a lot to learn before my work is as polished.


One thought on “So much to learn

  1. Great post! Ah, I remember suffering, I mean, learning at the hands of my noble professor in PTC 624. You will find it brutal at times, but you will come out the other end of the journey so much better at editing, and that much wiser. Good luck!

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