My First Professional Blog

My journey in the blogosphere has resumed. I ventured here before, frequenting places like the, Alternet and the I even put down stakes with my own blog called “Navid’s First Time.” The innuendo was intentional. It was meant to be a column for a newspaper. For the last seven years, in which I’ve periodically updated my blog, it has not amounted a following beyond spambots that occasionally leave a comment advertising free Canadian pharmaceuticals.

Early blogs

It certainly wasn’t a professional blog.

Professional blog. That term seems ironic. I previously assumed blogs were just the handwritten notes in the margins. At leas that is how I treated, and will likely continue to treat, my other venture which is probably antiquated at this point (I still use Blogspot, for instance).

This class, one of my first graduate courses at NJIT, offers guidelines on blogs that would immediately disqualify “Navid’s First Times.” Said characteristics of successful blogs are that they are “useful, interesting, original, engaging and inspiring.”

My first times were none of those things. What I blogged about previously was rarely useful, except as an exercises in banality. Now new, better suited forums exist for such uninspiring triviality. Mercifully, these forums have character limits.

The infinite word limit of blogs may better suited for deeper conversations. I hope I can contribute  at least one such sentence to the discussion.


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